Three Tips for Fighting Off Cravings

Three Tips for Fighting Off Cravings

by Morgan Vitti, Roundabout Meal Prep Assistant Program Director

If you are reading this I imagine it’s likely because you have tried some kind of restrictive diet or type of eating and you struggled with all the wrong foods always sounding good. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Cravings are different for everyone though. Not only are the cravings themselves different for everyone, but the way that cravings affect people is different as well. Some people can easily ignore cravings, some people can eat a bite or two of the food they’re craving and then move on, some people have a bite of the food and it immediately turns into a binge session. Whether you relate to one, none, or all three of these descriptions, this post is for you! We broke down three easy steps that can relate to anyone who struggles with cravings.


Tip number one is crucial to mastering your cravings. Your cravings are almost always purely emotional. When you feel restricted it’s common for your body to crave things. When you feel sad because you aren’t seeing the results you wanted, your body will commonly crave things. The list goes on and on. Your emotions and the foods you crave commonly go hand in hand. It is important to recognize this and react appropriately to it. First recognize what emotion is driving this craving and find healthy ways to manage that emotion (like singing, dancing, walking, light exercise, playing with animals, doing a puzzle, etc.) and next, decide what type and the amount of that food you need to obtain satisfaction.


Tip number two is an exciting one. Why? Because it involves eating food! One of the best ways to limit cravings (or maybe even rid of them all together) is to ensure that you are eating enough food to keep your body fueled and happy. When your body and more importantly your mind don’t feel restricted, it is less likely to crave other foods. Snacking can also fall into this category. Eating healthy snacks that keep you full in-between meals can help with satiety and also fight off unwanted cravings. This is also a great opportunity to try to fill your cravings with healthier options. Maybe you’re craving something sweet and a piece of fruit can help satisfy that craving with no harm done.


Tip number three is to keep yourself distracted. When you are restricting yourself in some way it can commonly take over your thoughts and mind. When is lunch time? What if the meal I have for lunch isn’t going to fill me up? What if I’m still hungry after? What if I start craving food that I know isn’t good for me? This whirlwind of thoughts can spiral out of control. Instead of focusing and obsessing over what you are or are not eating, distract yourself with other things. Read a good book, listen to music you enjoy, color or paint a picture, go for a walk, get coffee with a friend. Meal prepping your food in advance can also help take some stress out of eating and allows you more time to enjoy things you love and things that help keep the cravings from sneaking into your brain. (If you are interested in meal prepping on your own, check out our last blog post for some tips and tricks).

Congratulations. Beating your cravings is no easy feat but you are now on your way to doing it. You got this!