The Smiths Featured in Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine

How Roundabout Business Grew From a Small Market/Bistro to a Multi-Million-Dollar Full-Service Food & Beverage Company

Is it possible to grow a catering company into a multi-million-dollar business without any debt? Husband and wife, Colin and MaryBeth Smith, did just that and continue to grow their empire by being liquid every step of the way. But there wasn’t always smooth sailing. In 2007, the Smiths were running a small northwest Reno market and eatery, Roundabout Bistro and a gourmet grocer, when the economy took a downturn. Struggling to bring in a healthy profit each month, they knew adapting was the only way their company would be triumphant in a declining economic climate. Transitioning from a brick and mortar to running a catering company out of a commercial kitchen was the first step, and the brand grew like wild fire from there.

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