Must-Know Catering Trends for Summer 2019

With summertime here and all the exciting events ahead, one of the favorite parts for any guest is when the caterer brings out the food. It’s the caterer’s opportunity and ability to provide more than just a meal but create an entire experience. The food should not only taste amazing and look interesting, it should be unique for every story. These are some of the 2019 summer catering trends featuring something interesting for everyone.

Culinary Adventures

The new Golden Rule of catering is the camera eats first. Get ready for Instagrammable food! Creating educational experiences featuring culture experts is what’s in store this summer. This trend suggests a mix of dishes from different cultures will create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Spanish-inspired tapas, Asian-infused entrées and shattering-crisp cannoli’s with silky smooth ricotta cheese will you make your guests feel like they’re in Sicily. To achieve complete a variety of authentic regional food, “We purchase special equipment and ovens like tandoors,” says Colin Smith, owner-chef at Roundabout. The sky’s the limit!

Drink Inclusivity

Looking to create drink inclusivity? Mocktails are in! These non-alcoholic signature drinks are based on fresh fruits, flowers and spices, and they are the promising future for summertime events. Imagine fresh fruit squeezed into a delicious innovative new drink for anyone at the event! “We love using kaffir lime and ginger simple syrup in mocktails,” said  Colin. “It is awesome with grapefruit juice and soda. We garnish it with a candied grapefruit slice and mint.”

The making of a cocktail or mocktail will soon be an interactive performance for everyone at the party and don’t forget, having plastic straws is now considered a party foul. Plastic out, paper in.

Miniatures Galore

Bite-sized everything, now and forever! Expect a large change in regular sized entrées because bite-sized food is here to stay. Yes, it’s like trying a little bit of everything on the menu with room still for dessert. Late night snacks will also make a guest appearance resulting in very happy friends and family. “It adds a fun surprise for your guests at the end of the night that they will absolutely love,” said Beth McBride, catering director at Roundabout.  

Healthy Eating

This summer, we’re welcoming a new side to partying. Although parties used to be the time to unwind and forget about meal plans and gym workouts, that is no longer the case. Planning around high protein, low fat and whole foods is the new trend everyone can benefit from. Plant-based proteins are making a splash at events, keeping everybody happy.

We are spending a lot of time in vegan menu development,” said Smith. “This is one of the main changes in our menus in the past three years. We now have a designated vegan catering menu that has been very well-received.”

Expect more fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, miso and tempeh. They not only taste delicious but they improve indigestion and boost immunity. Hello kombucha or should we say, chambucha (champagne + kombucha)!