Meet Chef Christian Flores

When you look at Christian Flores, you will see a pretty laid back guy. Unassuming. Somewhat quiet. But when you get to know him, there’s a lot going on inside that head of his.

Chef Christian has been with the Roundabout team for nine years, having started at Roundabout Bistro in Somersett in his early 20s. “I was working in construction and hurt my back,” he said. “I started going to school, but I needed to pay the bills. My brother was working part time at Roundabout Bistro, and they needed a dishwasher. That’s how it all started.”

Christian learned by watching the best. Chef Colin started to have him prep for the market attached to the Bistro. “I had never lifted a spatula in my life,” he said. “One night, our head cook didn’t come into work. I had to take his place, and here I am.”

From there, Christian read books, continued to observe and learn from Chef Colin’s technique and figured out how each dish was made. Soon enough, he was cooking away. Today, he leads the kitchen at Roundabout Grill, and has diversified his technique in all types of cuisine, which is the innovative style and creativity you see in Roundabout’s kitchens. He also mentors some of the newer cooks coming into the industry.

Next time you’re in the restaurant, you’ll notice Chef Christian’s dedication and work ethic in the kitchen. He’s a force to be reckoned with.

Favorite Ingredient
Tandoori and Garam Masala spice. I use it on everything.

Favorite Thing to Eat
Chilaquiles. It brings me back home.

Favorite Thing to Cook For My Family
Anything grilled – steak, chicken, ribs or carne asada.

Favorite Dish on Roundabout Grill’s Menu
Eggplant Parmesan. It’s a roasted pepper coulis, ratatouille topped with a piece of burrata cheese and includes two slices of Japanese eggplant encrusted with oats and fresh herbs

To finish school and contribute in a creative capacity to Roundabout Grill’s menu.

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