What Is Holding You Back From Your Goals?

By Brooke Whitley
Gym Rat and Caveman Foods Ambassador

Job. Food. Girlfriend. Husband. Your past. Hate. An addiction. Lack of spirituality. Busyness. No sleep. Lack of motivation. Your digestion sucks. You’re sick. You need to get a new job. You need to ask your spouse for help. You need to ask your kids for help. You need to hire a counselor or psychologist. You need to forgive. You need to talk about it. You need a coach or a personal trainer. You need to find a support group, or a club, or an outlet. You need to do your research or read a book. You might need to pay a professional or pay for a reputable program. You might need to hire a personal trainer. You might need to hire a healthy eating coach.

These things could be holding us back from our goals, and are things we need to learn how to deal with; or at least recognize that they are potentially holding us back.

If something is holding you back, don’t wait for it to get better. Instead, ask for help. Or, help yourself. I’ve found that the worst thing I can do when I have a problem is to be depressed about it. The best thing I can do is find ways to make it better. Sometimes I can make it better myself by reading about it, learning ways to solve the problem or by simply journaling about it. Sometimes I can solve it by simply planning ahead to succeed by making a calendar and organizing. Other times, I have to ask for help or I have to find a professional who studied for years to be able to help my situation. Sometimes, it’s sheer willpower and determination; so I find a friend or someone to keep me accountable for making that change. Sometimes, I need tough love. Tough love from a friend, mentor, author in a book or a professional can help a lot in life.

Another trick I’ve learned is to sign up for a class. I had to spend money to sign up, so I’m pretty well committed to going. Whether it is a fitness class, nutrition class or spirituality class; it helps to bite the bullet and sign up already! I may not do these things on my own, but I will if the instructor is telling me to. Rather than being the victim of my past hurts, addictions or life hurdles, I deal with them. Dealing with your past is not getting other people to ask your forgiveness and admit to all they’ve done to hurt you. Dealing with your past is learning to let go of it and move forward yourself. One of the best things we can do in life is just keep moving forward and never give up on our life goals.

You will not always have positive influences in your life. Find them. Or, at the very least, be a positive influence on yourself and make the plans to make the change.

Here is the advice I leave for you today:

  1. Sign up for a class or support group – find a hobby of your own
  2. Grab a calendar and make a plan
  3. Tell a friend, mentor or coach about your plans

As the official Gym Rat Foods coach/director/administrator, I am here anytime to coach you through meal planning and healthy eating changes. Please email me anytime with your goals, thoughts or questions: cm@gmratfoods.com.