Gym Rat Foods Partners with Carson City Sheriff’s Office on New Wellness Program

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office has launched a new wellness program for its department, focusing on health, fitness and wellness living. Gym Rat Foods, powered by Roundabout Catering, has partnered with the Sheriff’s Office to offer its clean eating program to the department’s 140 employees.

Gym Rat Foods is a clean eating meal program specifically designed for nutrition-conscious and busy individuals. The Gym Rat line uses fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared in the kitchen of Roundabout Catering in Sparks, Nev. Gym Rat is designed in a balanced, proportioned fashion. The approximate breakdown is 45 percent carbs, 30 percent protein and 25 percent high quality, “good” fats as general macronutrient guidelines. There are several calorie counts to choose from in the program to suit a person’s dietary needs.

“Our wellness program is an emerging effort that will benefit our entire team, both sworn and non-sworn,” said Sheriff Kenneth Furlong. “Law enforcement professionals oftentimes need to go from 0 to 100 physically, and their physical and mental health can mean all the difference in their survival. The Sheriff’s Administration is committed to supporting the health and wellness of all employees, and thankful for our partners. If we reach our goal of engaging 20 percent of our team, our program will be a success. Exceeding our goal will mean that we’ve changed lives for the better.”

Renowned Chef Colin Smith started Gym Rat Foods and Caveman Cuisine several years ago as a locally-based, fresh option for people looking to get healthier and more fit.

“Gym Rat Foods lets us do all the meal preparation, calorie counts and nutritional breakdowns, and allows our busy customers more time to focus their energy on things like work, family, fitness classes and other activities,” said Shanti Wolfe, registered dietitian for Gym Rat Foods. “People see a lot of success with the program. They can still eat delicious, filling meals while meeting health and weight loss goals.”

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