Essential Catering Tips for the Perfect Holiday Party

It’s that time of the year again. The holiday season is already upon us and that means event, party and get together invites will soon be arriving left and right. Make no mistake because not every event is the same. Holiday events and parties, whether big or small, require unique planning. When it comes to corporate holiday parties, it could be the highlight of the year for your employees. A friendsgiving or friendsmas-like soiree may require a more intimate experience for guests. Here you will find holiday catering insights to make your event successful and most of all, memorable.

Crafting the Perfect Holiday Menu

A universal and integral part of a party is what’s on the menu. The holiday season raises the bar for people planning parties and events across the board. Hiring a caterer provides the host with the peace of mind to take care of other things, instead of worrying about what food to prepare, where to find party rentals and of course, choosing the right venue. Food is a universal language and during the holidays, it’s ideal that your menu is comforting, fits who you are and your style, and most importantly, that it keeps everyone full and content. Crafting a menu for a party during the holiday season can be exhausting and, at times, overwhelming. That’s when a caterer can swoop in to the rescue.

Selecting the right menu for an event can be tough especially when planning around dietary restrictions or picky eaters. If you’re having a smaller corporate holiday party, consider choosing a family style menu. This menu can include universal meals that the whole team can enjoy, with room for vegetarian, gluten-free or other options. If you’re hosting a larger holiday party, speak with you caterer to see what works best. Do you want a buffet style menu with cuisine from around the world or would tableside service be more appropriate? Your menu depends on the type of event, the venue and the amount of guests you’re planning on inviting.

Creating a menu should be a unique experience and will vary depending on the occasion, theme and your budget. At Roundabout Catering and Party Rentals we can create menus that ensemble delicious, eco-friendly and local whole foods to fulfill every guests’ needs as a whole. Set menus are available, too. We know that delivering a wonderful food experience for your guests is one of the most important parts of a party. It is through a well-crafted menu that an event becomes memorable.

Design a Drink Menu

Depending on your event, consider designing a drink menu featuring one-of-a-kind festive beverages and pairings. This is typically a nice “wow” moment for your guests when you can provide them with detailed surprises. It’s important to keep in mind that this event might be the only time of the year when you and your guests can unwind and relax. While a drink menu can feature alcoholic beverages, there are also a variety of mocktails you can have. We love creating new cocktails for our clients, and we also like to have a nice selection of beers and wines for your guests.

Make it Visually Memorable

Although one of the most important parts is food, having a visually attractive holiday party is always a plus. Let’s say you want to host a holiday party with a cocktail hour prior to dinner. We provide an extensive variety of party rentals to fit every need. From a wide variety of glassware to aesthetically pleasing chairs and tables, we offer full service catering to provide you with the easiest and most cost effective services around northern Nevada.

Although party rentals are essential, a venue can take your holiday party to the next level. Roundabout Catering offers unique places for you and your guests to enjoy. You can choose from venues such as the National Auto Museum, perfect for corporate events with a classic touch of American history, to the iconic Club at Rancharrah, one of northern Nevada’s elite venues. The Elm Estate is a gorgeous space for an elegant soiree and the Roundabout Grill “bead room” offers many dazzling options in the heart of downtown Reno. Tannenbaum Events Center showcases picturesque beauty in a lodge locale — ideal for a fall or winter backdrop.

Planning is Key

With the holiday season around the corner, making time to prepare every element of a corporate party is essential. Planning, preparing and executing an event without a caterer can quickly become a nightmare. A quality, organized caterer is an important element to staying on schedule and helping you execute at any given scale. An office party whether large or small, requires a plan. There are many aspects that should be considered, including:

  • Location – Will the event be off-site or at the company?
  • Guests – How many people are invited? Will children and spouses be invited to the company party?
  • Diet – Are there any dietary restrictions? Will alcohol be allowed?
  • Dress code – Is it casual or cocktail attire?

Book Early for the Best Dates

For full service corporate holiday parties always plan ahead. Not only does this provide you with a cost effective holiday party menu but it guarantees a successful event on the date that you want. Roundabout Catering specializes in large corporate events and creates individualized tasty (and tasteful) experiences. We have the right staff expertise, facilities and equipment to handle your needs

Booking a caterer early ensures you have a good date booked and your holiday party is prepared to the last little detail. Many holiday parties serve as a time to thank others – and what better way to thank them than by providing them with a good time and delicious fare.

Roundabout Catering and Party Rentals thrives in special event accommodations to fulfill your #1 goal: a very successful occasion! For more information or to start planning your holiday event, contact us today