Cocktails and Dreams: A Chat With Sarah McElroy

Meet Sarah “Gator” McElroy, beverage manager at Roundabout Grill. Sarah has been on the food & beverage scene for a few years, and started learning about the restaurant business as a busser. She worked her way up with the Whitney Peak Hotel, and today, runs one of the coolest bars in the area, for one of the most successful restaurant and catering proprietors, The Smith family.

Sarah McElroy1

What made you decide to get involved in the food & beverage industry?

I always had an interest in bartending because it is a craft that is based around precision and detail. Details are totally up my alley and come naturally to me. It’s always a nice challenge pleasing different sorts of people — people whom I am not able to connect with in my normal day-to-day life. My intent is always to create a stellar experience for our guests.

What are you goals at Roundabout Grill?

I would like to continue to develop our bar program, putting more focus on the local cocktail scene. I’d love to bring more innovation to what we do. Perhaps have some fun with special restaurant events such as wine dinners, and support community events. Our food is so spot-on at Roundabout Grill – we can have a great time getting creative with it. Our minds are really coming together on the team, so I would love to drive more of the planning process and provide my bartenders great input for superb cocktail design.

What is your favorite dish on the Roundabout Grill menu?

The house made pasta

Favorite cocktail on the menu?

The verde remedy spicy margarita. I also love a good whiskey cocktail.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

I’m excited about what we can come up with together as a team. We’re also really looking ahead to the holidays to explore new and fun offerings with our bar menu.

At Roundabout Grill, our approach is simple. Chef Colin Smith brings his brand of inspired American cuisine to the restaurant, located inside the Whitney Peak Hotel in Downtown Reno. Enjoy 25% off small plates from Monday-Friday, 4-6 p.m. Roundabout Grill makes comfort food great again. Free valet parking for restaurant guests.