As Seen on Fox 11: The Boil

Beach day? Camping? This is a delicious, simple dish — the boil! In Louisiana it’s called a Low Boil.

First, make a stock of water, Old Bay seasoning, lemon, garlic and onion and bring to your boiling point. At the time it starts to simmer and boil, that’s when you apply the “cut it in half” rule.

Add your potatoes, and that’s the start of your cooking. So, say it’s 32 minutes from the potatoes being in. Then put in your corn at 16 minutes, and at 8 minutes, the sausage goes in, then at 4 minutes the shellfish goes in and at 2 minutes the shrimp goes it. You can do this all with one pot and one burner.

Bring a little butter and fresh lemon for your finishing touches. Watch the segment on Fox 11 Reno.