3 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Happy Monday! Let’s talk about water. We all know we need it to live and that we most likely aren’t drinking enough of it. But how much are we supposed to drink exactly? We’re here to help! We want to provide you guys with three super easy ideas to ensure you’re drinking enough water every day. (Especially with this summer heat). There are various different ways to calculate how much water you should be drinking that can all vary depending on your body weight, activity level, etc. but we’re not going to focus on that. For some of us just getting one glass of water in can be challenging so telling you to drink one gallon of water is probably not realistic or maintainable for you. So we want to simplify it for you and encourage you that even just adding an extra glass of water to your intake is a great start!
Step 1: Set Alarms
We get it, life can get crazy! Between trying to get your kids to school on time, getting those projects done at work, and getting dinner on the table by 6pm it’s too easy to forget to drink water. Do you relate to this? Then this step is for you! Set some alarms on your phone for multiple times through out the day to remind yourself to drink some water. Sometimes a simple reminder is all we need.
Step 2: Pre-measured bottles
This is a great step for those of you who drink very little water during the day currently. We want you to start with small obtainable goals. Find a water bottle that holds a realistic amount of water for you. Pick a time in your day, like 5pm, in which you plan on drinking that full bottle of water. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with that size of water bottle, than you can switch to a larger size water bottle and keep on crushing that water drinking!
Step 3: Flavor your water
This step is for those of you who think water is just way too boring. There are many water flavoring products on the market right now that can easily be added to your bottle of water. If this is what works for you, then roll with it! If you’re someone who has a hard time drinking water in general and you find yourself drinking way more juice, or flavored beverages than water than we can take it a step further. Start diluting your sugar beverages with water. Even if it’s just a little to start. As you adjust you can keep adding more water until you essentially wean yourself off of the sugary beverages.
We hope these tips for increasing your water intake have helped you! If you feel like you need more help with your water intake or you have other nutrition and health related questions please DM us on instagram @ramp.reno. We hope you guys can step up your water game with ease and start reaping all of its benefits!