2015 Food Trends to Consider at Your Next Catering Event

When it comes to throwing an event, the event catering is one of the aspects guests will remember and talk about well after the party is over. Whether it is your wedding reception, an office event or a non-profit fundraising gala, catering can be the factor that separates the good from the great. There are a number of ways to make your catered events a success, including knowing and incorporating current food trends into your next catering menu. The food trends 2015 are more unique and focused than in years past, and can be what is needed to make your catered events stand out among the rest.

Breakfast for Dinner

One of the food trends 2015 that is enticing to all foodies is the inclusion of breakfast foods like waffles and eggs on fried-394171_640the dinner menu. Even though traditionally formal events may seem too good for the humble options available with breakfast foods, more and more catered events are taking charge with unique combinations of traditional bacon and egg dishes and full English breakfast line ups and frittatas. If you’re looking to put on a wedding reception that all your family and friends will be talking about long after the last dance, a black tie brunch or a waffle making station will certainly make your catering selections stand out.

NCI_Visuals_Food_HamburgerThe Luxury Burger

A great burger can be a staple in catering, especially for events that are outdoors or less formal in nature. However, food trends 2015 and event catering are shifting toward more posh burger offerings that use ingredients other than beef. Higher quality additions, like duck, scallops and lobster are being used for food trends this year, and can make your catering menu a definite success. For office picnics or the annual family reunion, luxury burgers are a smart, memorable catering choice.

Locally Sourced Selections

In recent years, food trends have become more focused on locally sourced ingredients including vegetables, dairy Ecologically_grown_vegetablesproducts and herbs and spices. For 2015, though, food trends have included locally sourced meat as a staple in catering menus. Foodies want to know that their meal is locally produced, not only to ease concerns about freshness but also in support of local economies. If you are a local non-profit gearing up for your annual gala, incorporating food trends like locally sourced meat will be a sticking point with your donors and guests.

Food trends are constantly changing, and knowing what’s in and what’s out this year is helpful in creating a catering menu that is memorable for your guests. No matter the purpose of your next event, there is ample opportunity to incorporate one or all of these trends by working with an experienced and dedicated catering team.